The good story

Most badminton players know that moisturized shuttlecocks last 2-3 times longer in-game than dry shuttlecocks, otherwise the badminton clubs around the world would probably not have invested a 2-digit million sum in moisturizer-cabinets. Several clubs have learned that the shuttlecocks last longer when being taken from SAVE-BIRDIE humidity tubes compared to those from moisturizer-cabinets. In the tube, the shuttlecocks obtain a humidity of 90% in the end of which they have been put into the tube. In the following weeks they become ‘acclimatized’ and ready for usage as they reach the other end of the tube. And believe it or not, we have often experienced playing for 50-60 minutes with the same shuttlecock – sounds accommodating? The reason for the long duration is simple, the shuttlecock had been stored in a SAVE-BIRDIE humidity tube for 2-3 weeks. You aren’t in need of buying shuttlecocks just as often, since you only use 1-3 shuttlecocks per ordinary game/training session. And when you come home, you can just fill up the tube with 1-3 shuttlecocks, and then they will be ready in the next 2-3 weeks.

Moisturized shuttlecocks almost never break through the stitching, as you see it with rather dry shuttlecocks, but when you play with the same shuttlecock for long enough, the top of the feathers will eventually break a tiny bit and thus become slower. This challenge can be handled by bending the feathers slightly inwards and also adding a little bit of sweat to them.

Best regards
Bent Lindvig
Badminton player (6 hours a week and 25 years of experience with moistened of shuttlecocks).
Inventor of SAVE-BIRDIE and owner of ZPORT4U

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