This is how much you can save

Now there’s finally subsided significant test measurements concerning shuttlecock durability – calculated over a full season.
The moisturized shuttlecocks had been stored in SAVE-BIRDIE tube for 2-3 weeks and taken from the tube immediately before the match. As a contrast, the shuttlecocks used as a reference were taken directly from the cardboard tube before the match.
Single games with the duration of 1½ hours each week. It was found that the ones playing single games on an average saved 2.9 shuttlecocks per game (RSL classic shuttlecocks)
Over a season, it will save you around £244. (£2. X 2.9 x 42 weeks)
The purchase of SAVE-BIRDIE humidity tube is regained in less than a month if one of the players has acquired the tube and is the one who provides the shuttlecocks.
If both players acquire the tube – yes – you can calculate that yourself 🙂
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