Play better badminton with SAVE-BIRDIE humidity tube.

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Everyone knows that dry shuttlecocks break and split because of the lack of elasticity and suppleness. You can avoid this difficulty by storing your shuttlecocks in a SAVE-BIRDIE humidity tube. If you buy the SAVE-BIRDIE humidity tube, you will also benefit from the following points:

1 Your shuttlecocks lasts 2-3 times longer while playing
2 You always got your moisturized shuttlecocks ready for play in your badminton bag
3 You’re able to see how many shuttlecocks you have left in the tube
4 The feathers are not broken with the stitching and splits less
5 You get shuttlecocks that move close to optimally throughout the ball’s active life
6 You save 3 to 5 £ on an hour of badminton
The purchase of a SAVE-BIRDIE humidity tube is regained after just 1 – 3 months. The rest of  your life is just one big saving

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