Humidity tube


Transparent humidity tube with internal hygrometer.

Capacity of 12 shuttlecocks.



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With the SAVE-BIRDIE humidity tube, you’re always able to control and keep an eye on the relative humidity in the tube. Therefore, you can keep the shuttlecocks in the optimum condition until they’re put into service. When the internal hygrometer shows 70-80%, you’ve prepared your shuttlecocks optimally for usage. You will find that your shuttlecocks to a much smaller extent collapse and almost never break through the stitching because the feathers are more supple and therefore last longer.

In addition, the shuttlecocks will fly better for a long time before being discarded.

With the SAVE-BIRDIE transparent tube, you can also see how many shuttlecocks you have left in the tube.

When you fill the tube with shuttlecocks for the first time, it may take 10-14 days before they have absorbed the moisture. But then it will become very easy henceforward. Just spend 10 seconds to fill up the tube with shuttlecocks. Put down the tube to the sports clothes in your bag, so you always remember to fill it up when you get home from badminton. At the same time, you can check the moisture in the tube – the foam can possibly be in need of more moisture. The hygrometer also has an internal thermometer. The temperature in the hall is crucial for the speed of the shuttlecocks.

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