Play better badminton with SAVE-BIRDIE humidity tube

All know that dry shuttlecocks breakage and split because of the lack of suppleness and elasticity. It avoids you, if the shuttlecocks has been stored in a SAVE-BIRDIE humidity tube. In addition, you get the following side-effects:

1 Your shuttlecocks lasts 2-3 times longer while playing
2 You have always wetted shuttlecocks ready for play in your badmintonbag
3 You can see how many shuttlecocks you have left in the tube
4 The feathers are not broken with the stitching and splits less
5 You get shuttlecocks that move somewhat close to optimally throughout the ball’s useful life of
6 You save 3 to 5 £ on an hour of badminton
 SAVE-BIRDIE is earned back after just 1 – 3 months. The rest of life is just one big saving